Enroll at BGI akademiet choose between many sports – the experience of a lifetime
We have room for everything – except one thing!

Enroll at BGI akademiet and choose your favourite among several sports – at all levels from beginners to elite.

Free access to our many facilities: Dry slope for snowboarding and skiing, the world’s largest parkour facility, artificial football field, dance halls indoor as well as outdoor, indoor and outdoor grounds for handball, football, basketball and American football, trampolines, airtracks, fasttracks and foam pits; garage for the equipment of the racing cyclists, fitness room, beach volley, outdoor spa on the 5th floor… and much, much more….

Exercise your brain with our IGCSE Cambridge class including the subjects combined science, mathematics, and global perspectives, subjects which are all taught in English.

Look forward to making new friends and new communities; from the very small and close to the very large and just as close: in your sport, in your classes, in your house, the entire school – at a school with more than 500 students you will meet new types of people every day.

The only thing we do not have room for is the “Law of Jante” – at BGI akademiet everyone can spred one’s wings and fly…

We do it, do you?